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Lawrence University People Files


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Lawrence University People Files, 1847-2018 | Lawrence University Archives

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Collection Overview

Title: Lawrence University People Files, 1847-2018View associated digital content.

ID: LU-RG00/001

Primary Creator: Lawrence University

Extent: 56.0 Linear Feet. More info below.

Arrangement: This collection is arranged alphabetically by last name of person.

Subjects: Lawrence University -- Alumni, Lawrence University -- Faculty and staff

Forms of Material: newspaper clippings, photographic prints

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The collection is composed of files on Lawrence University people, including administration, faculty, staff, students, and visitors to the university. Materials in the collection include biographical information, correspondence, personnel sheets, newspaper and magazine articles, and photographs.

Subject/Index Terms

Lawrence University -- Alumni
Lawrence University -- Faculty and staff

Administrative Information

Repository: Lawrence University Archives

Accruals: New materials for the collection are acquired by the Archives on a weekly basis and are added to the collection.

Alternate Extent Statement: 28 filing drawers and 262 MB

Access Restrictions: Collection is open for research.

Use Restrictions: Property rights reside with Lawrence University.  For permissions to reproduce or to publish, please contact the University Archivist.

Acquisition Method: Materials of the collection have been collected by the Lawrence University Archives; the date that this began is unknown.

Separated Materials: Folders were removed from the collection if there was already a collection of papers for the individual. For example, folders on former Lawrence presidents were removed from the vertical file and added to that president's collection of records.

Preferred Citation: Lawrence University People Files.  LU-RG00-001.  Lawrence University Archives, Seeley G. Mudd Library, Appleton, Wisconsin.

Processing Information: Processed by Julia Stringfellow, 2008-2009.

Box and Folder Listing

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Series 16: P
Folder 1: Paalman, Lucille Hafemeister, staff, 1950-1975
Folder 2: Pace, Charles Robert, visitor, May 1972
Folder 3: Packard, Howard, honorary degree recipient, 1964
Folder 4: Packard, Robert, Lawrence graduate of 1931 and 1973
Folder 5: Paderewski, Ignace, Artist Series performer, December 1930
Folder 6: Padilla, Anthony, Conservatory faculty- piano, 1997-
Folder 7: Paffrath, Leslie, visitor, 1966
Folder 8: Page, Clarence, Convocation speaker, February 1995
Folder 9: Page, Larry, director of WLFM, 1980s?-?
Folder 10: Pahk, Induk, Convocation visitor, November 1950
Folder 11: Pahl, Wesley, Lawrence graduate of 1926 and Harmon Foundation, 1924-1925
Folder 12: Pain, Dorothy, Lawrence graduate of 1918
Folder 13: Paine, Charles N., trustee
Portrait stored with oversized materials.
Folder 14: Paine, Nathan, Lawrence graduate of 1860
Folder 15: Palkhivala, Nani, honorary degree recipient, March 1979View associated digital content.
Folder 16: Palkhivala, Nani, honorary degree recipient, 1979
Folder 17: Palmer, Lucille, faculty-German, 1938-1939
Folder 18: Palmer, Parker, visitor, 2012
Folder 19: Palmquist, Carol, library staff, ?-1999
Folder 20: Pankhurst, Emmeline, visitor, May 1916
Folder 21: Paradis, Suzanne, visitor, 1978
Folder 22: Pargellis, Stanley, Commencement address speaker and honorary degree recipient, 1945
Folder 23: Parins, Kris, staff Public Affairs, 1993-1996
Folder 24: Paris, Claude Monroe, Lawrence student, 1902-1904, African-American
Folder 25: Park, No-Yong, visitor, October 1949
Folder 26: Parker, Cole G., trustee and president of the Board of Trustees, 1944-1962
Folder 27: Parker, James L., Lawrence graduate of 1957
Folder 28: Parker, John Marvin, Dean of Students for the Institute of Paper Chemistry, 1966-?
Folder 29: Parker, Richard, Scarff faculty- Government, 1992-1993
Folder 30: Parker, Star, visitor, 2002
Folder 31: Parkinson, Ronald, faculty-Art at the London Center, ?-?
Folder 32: Parkinson, Ruth, Lawrence graduate of 1929
Folder 33: Parks, Alan E., faculty-Mathematics, 1985-
Folder 34: Parotti, D. Lynn, visiting faculty-Art, 1993-1994
Folder 35: Parrish, Overton B., Lawrence graduate of 1955 and trustee
Folder 36: Parry, Albert, Convocation speaker, October 1958
Folder 37: Parthum, Susan,  Lawrence graduate of 1985 and head resident of Kohler Hall 1985, died December 1985
Folder 38: Partridge, Charlotte Russell, honorary degree recipient, 1969 and Milwaukee-Downer faculty and director of the Fine Arts department, 1914-1922
Folder 39: Pastor, Robert, visitor, February 2000
Folder 40: Paterson, Anne Ellen, Lawrence graduate of 1977 and faculty-Psychology, 1977-1979
Folder 41: Patros, Ann, staff Public Relations
Folder 42: Patten, Wallace F., Junior, Lawrence graduate of 1943
Folder 43: Patterson, Joseph F., Lawrence graduate of 1969
Folder 44: Pauck, Wilhelm, Convocation speaker, March 1951
Folder 45: Paulauskis, Stanislav, family sponsored by Lawrence and lived in barracks, 1950
Folder 46: Pauli, Benjamin, Lawrence graduate of 2005
Folder 47: Paulson, David, faculty-Philosophy, 1971-?
Folder 48: Paynter, John, visitor, March 1983
Folder 49: Peabody, George, trustee, house was located where Mudd Library now is, and namesake of Peabody Hall of Music and then Peabody Wing in Music-Drama Center
Folder 50: Peabody, George, estate
Folder 51: Peabody, George, sesquicentennial celebration, 1995
Folder 52: Peabody, Marian Lawrence, writer
Folder 53: Peck, Herbert Massey, Lawrence graduate of 1904, folder contains scrapbook of campus building photographs
Folder 54: Peck, Ron, faculty-Biology, 2006-2013
Folder 55: Peckham, Caroline, Lawrence graduate of 1915
Folder 56: Pellegrino, Ron, Lawrence graduate of 1962
Folder 57: Peltier, David, Lawrence graduate of 1992 and Computer Services staff, 1992-?
Folder 58: Penalver, Luis Manuel, honorary degree recipient, 1962
Folder 59: Pendleton, Robert, Preparatory student, 1857-1859, possibly African-American
Folder 60: Penhale, Randall, Lawrence graduate of 1928
Folder 61: Peot, Rachel, Public Relations staff
Folder 62: Peregrine, Peter, faculty-Anthropology, 1995-
Folder 63: Perkins, John A., Lawrence graduate of 1983 and director of Bjorklunden continuing education program, 1980s?-?
Folder 64: Perkins, Judson T., Lawrence graduate of 1911
Folder 65: Perkins, Monte Leonard, Conservatory faculty-bassoon, 1987-
Folder 66: Perley, Eliza Jane, faculty-English, 1891-1893
Folder 67: Perlman, Baron, faculty-Psychology, 1984-1985
Folder 68: Perreault, Michele, Lawrence graduate of 1990 and Counseling Center intern, 1997
Folder 69: Perry, Juan, Conservatory faculty-violin, 1984-1986
Folder 70: Pertl, Brian, Lawrence graduate of 1986, Watson Fellowship recipient, and Conservatory of Music dean, 2008-
Folder 71: Peters, Charles, Lawrence graduate of 1954
Folder 72: Peters, Jessie King, Lawrence graduate of 1916 and dorm mother
Folder 73: Peters, Robert P., hired to teach History and supposedly disappeared, 1948
Folder 74: Petersen, Esther, visitor, 1981
Folder 75: Petersen, Kimberly A., Development staff, director of Major and Planned Giving, 2005-?
Folder 76: Petersen, Oscar, Artist Series performer, 1975
Folder 77: Peterson, Barbara Garrison, Lawrence graduate of 1952
Folder 78: Peterson, Harvey, Lawrence graduate of 1923 and Harmon Foundation, 1922-1924
Folder 79: Peterson, Nancy, staff, 1980s?-?
Folder 80: Peterson, Richard, Manager of Media Relations and Associate Director of Communications, 1979-
Folder 81: Peterson, Robert A., Lawrence graduate of 1953
Folder 82: Peterson, Robert Dean, faculty-Architecture, 1952-1954
Folder 83: Petri, Thomas, visitor
Folder 84: Petruso, Karl, visitor, October 1993
Folder 85: Pettibone, C.A., Lawrence student, 1861View associated digital content.
Folder 86: Petura, Barbara Bradley, Lawrence graduate of 1965
Folder 87: Pfefferkorn, Elmer, Lawrence graduate of 1954 and Rhodes Scholar
Folder 88: Phelps, Fred T., faculty - Physics, 1964-1968
Folder 89: Philipp, Richard, consulting architect for Lawrence College, 1933-1948
Folder 90: Phillips, Vel, visitor, April 1981
Folder 91: Phinney, Mary Crowley, Lawrence student, 1869-1871
Folder 92: Phinney family
Folder 93: Pickering, Roy, Conservatory faculty-brass, 1973-?
Folder 94: Peil, Gerard, honorary degree recipient, 1956
Folder 95: Pickett, Megan, faculty-Physics, 2006-
Folder 96: Piene, Otto, Convocation speaker, February 1988
Folder 97: Pientka, Gary, Lawrence graduate of 1970, wrote student publication "Cold Steam"
Folder 98: Pier, Ruth Constance, faculty-English, 1935-1936
Folder 99: Pierce, Dudley Warren, Lawrence graduate of 1952
Folder 100: Pierce, Humphrey, Lawrence graduate of 1862
Diploma awarded to Humphrey is housed with the Diploma Collection, LU-RG00-014.
Folder 101: Pierce, Samuel, visitor, 1983-1984
Folder 102: Piette, Lawrence J., Lawrence graduate of 1939
Folder 103: Pike, James Albert, visitor, 1966
Folder 104: Pillinger, Barbara, Dean of Women, 1973-?
Folder 105: Pinker, Steven, visitor, January 2004
Folder 106: Pinsky, Leonard Orville, faculty-Philosophy, 1960-1968
Folder 107: Piper, Carl W., Institute of Paper Chemistry staff
Folder 108: Pitts, Linda Mallory, Lawrence graduate of 1975
Folder 109: Plant, Marcus L., Lawrence graduate of 1932, trustee, and Alumni Distinguished Service Award recipient, 1970
Folder 110: Plantz, Belle, second wife of Samuel Plantz
Folder 111: Plantz family
Folder 112: Plantz, Myra Goodwin, first wife of Samuel Plantz and Lawrence fundraiser from 1894 until her death in 1914
Folder 113: Plass, Paul C., faculty-Classics, 1959-1962
Folder 114: Platig, E. Raymond, visitor, August 1962
Folder 115: Plaxina, Elena, Lawrence graduate of 2001
Folder 116: Pletschke, Ernst, faculty-Modern Languages and Drawing, 1856-1861, died while serving in Civil War in 1861
Folder 117: Plondke, James, Conservatory faculty-orchestra, 1986-1992
Folder 118: Plowden, William, visitor, April 1977
Folder 119: Plummer, John F., faculty-Anthropology, 1966-1967
Folder 120: Podair, Jerald, faculty-History, 1998-
Folder 121: Podzilni, J. Russell, Lawrence graduate of 1953
Folder 122: Pohl, La Vera, donor of Pohl Art collection in 1985
Folder 123: Pollard, Luther, Lawrence graduate of 1910
Folder 124: Pollard, Wilhelmine Harms, Lawrence graduate of 1937
Folder 125: Pollart, Gene J., Conservatory faculty-percussion, 1971-?
Folder 126: Pollio, Howard, visitor, May 1986
Folder 127: Pollnac, Richard, faculty-Anthropology, 1972-?
Folder 128: Pomeroy, Henry, faculty-Mathematics and Civil Engineering, 1858-1864, served in Civil War
Folder 129: Pond, James B., recipient of Congressional Medal of Honor for serving in Civil War
Folder 130: Ponto, Steve, Lawrence graduate of 1970
Folder 131: Pooler, Frank, visitor, 1959
Folder 132: Poor, Peggy, Convocation speaker, March 1950
Folder 133: Popkey, Megan, staff, Assistant Director of Campus Activities, 2004-?
Folder 134: Porges, Walter, faculty-History, 1946-1948
Folder 135: Posner, Harry, Institute of Paper Chemistry president, 1974-1985
Folder 136: Potter, H. David, faculty-Biology, 1963-1966
Folder 137: Pottle, Ella J., Lawrence graduate of 1936 and staff 1941-?
Folder 138: Poulson, John Edward, faculty-Physical Education, 1968-1972
Folder 139: Poulson, Ulla Mattiessen, Lawrence graduate of 1951
Folder 140: Pound, Omar, visitor, 1989
Folder 141: Pourciau, Bruce, faculty-Mathematics, 1976-
Folder 142: Powell, Antoinette, faculty -Music Librarian, 2002-
Folder 143: Powell, Keith, faculty-instructor of Freshman Studies and music, 2005-
Folder 144: Powell, Patricia, visitor, February 1999
Folder 145: Powell, Verne, visitor, May 1951
Folder 146: Power, Archie Drayton, faculty-Chemistry, 1924-1929
Folder 147: Power, Florence Stouder, faculty-Chemistry, 1925-1929
Folder 148: Powers, Andrea, Lawrence graduate of 1994 and Associate Director of Alumni Relations, 1998-2004
Folder 149: Powers, Mary Grace, donor of piano in 1959
Folder 150: Prebys, Scott Jan, Conservatory faculty- percussion and director of jazz studies, 1974-1977
Folder 151: Prescott, John B., Lawrence graduate of 1941
Folder 152: Preucil, Stephanie, Conservatory faculty- violin, 1985-1987
Folder 153: Preucil, Walter, Conservatory faculty- cello, 1985-1987
Folder 154: Price, Hereward, visitor, January 1960
Folder 155: Prim, George T., Appleton police officer involved in Lawrence student protests, 1936
Folder 156: Prisco, Mary, faculty-Mathematics, 1991-1996
Folder 157: Privatt, Kathy, faculty-Theatre, 1999-
Folder 158: Procious, Sara, faculty-Modern Languages, 1962-1964
Folder 159: Proctor, Amy, Athletics Director, 1992-1999 and women's basketball coach, 1992-?
Folder 160: Proctor, Elizabeth Meating, Lawrence graduate of 1930
Folder 161: Proctor, Francis W., Lawrence graduate of 1931
Folder 162: Proper, Betty, Lawrence graduate of 1990
Folder 163: Proxmire, William, visitor, June 1988
Folder 164: Pruiksma, Aileen Nakamura, Lawrence graduate of 1970
Folder 165: Pubantz, Jerome, Lawrence graduate of 1952, World War II prisoner
Folder 166: Pulliam, Roger, visitor, February 1983
Folder 167: Purdo, E. Dane, faculty-Art at Milwaukee-Downer College, 1955-1964 and Lawrence, 1964-1991
Includes material in digital format.
Folder 168: Purdy, James, faculty-Spanish, 1949-1953
Folder 169: Purdy, Roy, trustee, 1950s?-?
Folder 170: Purdy, Virginia, trustee, 1985-2002
Folder 171: Purkey, Stewart, faculty-Education, 1985-
Folder 172: Purves, Clifford, Institute of Paper Chemistry honorary degree recipient, March 1944
Folder 173: Pusey, Anne, wife of president Nathan Pusey
Folder 174: Pusey, Nathan Junior, son of president Nathan Pusey, Lawrence graduate of 1959 and trustee
Folder 175: Putnam, Michael C.J., honorary degree recipient, 1985

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